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Monica Lynn Appleton


Monica was born May 21, 1970 in Pampa Texas . When last seen, she was 5 ft. 5 inches tall, weighing about 120 pounds. She had blonde hair and her eyes are hazel. She was last seen on October 13, 1999, by our mother, in Northwest Amarillo, Texas, on 17th and Hughes Street . At the time she was last seen, by our mother, she appeared to be scared about something but would not go with our mother. She told our mother to get out of the area. Monica kept looking over her shoulder. Our mother asked her what was wrong and Monica would not say at the time. Monica told our mother that she would tell her later, she never did. 

In November 1999, I attempted to make a missing persons report to the Amarillo Texas Police Department, they refused to make the report. I then went back to my department in Pampa and made a report since her actual permenant address was there. Unfortunately Monica had fallen into a vicious circle of drugs and prostitution. Like so many other people, she was human, and she had problems. Monica would come home every other day or so to see her children, who lived with family members. Monica had been divorced from her husband (Marlon Larue) for about a year. He had little to do with the children and it is the same to this day. He stopped paying child support within a year after Monica's disappearance.

The last known person that Monica was known to have been with is a man named Ivory Tealer (aka - "T" or "T baby") who lived in Amarillo, Texas, which is about 60 miles from Pampa. Tealer was interviewed but stated that he did not know where Monica was. After being interviewed more he advised the investigators that he would not talk anymore unless his attorney was present. The interview was terminated and there has been no further questioning of Mr. Tealer.

Throughout the 15 years since Monica went missing, leads and or rumors have been followed up on with no luck. There are some who say Monica was killed and others think she is in hiding. She never had before stayed away from her family, so why start now? I dedicated a section on a website just for Monica and her case. Local and area newspaper articles were printed asking for any information in regards to Monica's disappearance. As to my knowledge few leads were developed from this. None of which panned out.

Note: The information contained in this website does not reflect the current Police Administration. The case had gone cold way before the current Chief took over. The current Chief is now working to make the Pampa PD one of the best police departments in the Texas Panhandle. According to one Detective, past circumstances prevented them from doing a full investigation.  I have to agree. Now we have an opportunity to make things right. An Account has been established in an effort to raise money for a substantial reward and to help defray some of the cost of flyers and other material to get this case out into the public eye. We can't forget Monica and we don't want anyone else to either.

I have cleaned up this portion of the web site. If you would like further details of this case please contact me via email.


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